The April lecture concert at Cincinnati

VismayaVismaya Cincinnati - Special GuestChief GuestExcerpts from Dr. Catherine Roma’s speech at the lecture concert  ‘Vismaya – An Indo Celtic Musical Journey’  

“In music, specifically, the word syncretic refers to music that comprises a mixture of diverse elements.

Vismaya is a stunning example of a magnificient mixture of musics, concepts and cultures. The music itself fuses the Indian sound world with infectious rhythms and melodies of Celtic music.

The listener is exposed to many genres; lullabies, marches, jigs, dances and prayers. There is familiarity and freshness that combines folk and classical music. The purity of performance and presentation is striking.

Once again, Kanniks Kannikeswaran has introduced us to a new sound world. The sweet, joyous and pure music sung by Vidita Kanniks is an auspicious beginning for a virtuosic twelve year old. To research and produce this work of Dikshitar in this way and at this moment in time is enlightening and propitous.

The recording provides an opening and opportunity for cross cultural connection and education in elementary and secondary schools.

Let us celebrate this syncretic musical world called Vismaya and let us look forward to all our collaborations to come. If music is the means to share our diverse cultures, and beauty is our goal, knowledge about each other, and understanding will be the outcome for a more peace-filled world”.

Dr . Catherine Roma – Cincinnati, April 19


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